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The Prologue is the initial training episode (series of missions) in Star Trek Timelines. It contains 4 missions divided into 2 parts. Each part contains one Away Team Mission and one Ship Battle Mission.

The reward for completing the Prologue is Commander Spock and 60,000 Credits.

Missions in Prologue, The Beginning

Name Type Chronitons Requirement Char XP Credits Credits Capt XP Captain XP Remarks
Mission 1:
The First Battle
Starship Battles Skips result screen so can't see XP gained, but whatever it is, captain goes to level 2 instantly.
Mission 2:
A Violent Birth
Away Missions 6 300 Play with level 1 Rifle Janeway, Defiant Commander Worf, and Commander Spock, however stats are much higher than level 1 and do not match any level (Intro Janeway has 73 CMD and 73 SEC; those two skills are never equal in the actual Rifle Janeway). Captain level 3 instantly.
Choose Promoted Sisko, Enterprise-D Picard , or Captain Kirk

Missions in Prologue, Logic Under Fire

Name Type Chronitons Requirement Char XP Credits Credits Capt XP Captain XP Remarks
Mission 1:
A Show of Force
Starship Battles 4 9 300 2 Has a higher drop rate for certain items compared to many early missions. If you were smart enough to look at the wiki before playing the game, it may actually be worth it to repeat this mission about a dozen times before completing the second mission of this episode.

Gives on average 2.6 Basic Survival Training, which, in addition to victory XP, is equivalent to 22 XP per crew or 5.5 per chroniton.

Choose Faction: Federation for Commander Spock or KCA for Commander Kruge (Tutorial forces Federation)
Federation Victory:
Boots on the Ground
Away Missions 4 12 300 2


Mission Story
"The First Battle" A series of temporal anomalies have altered the universe, merging past, present, future, and parallel timelines into one. Work with Q to investigate these anomalies, and learn how you can bring order to this chaos.
"A Violent Birth"
"A Show of Force" In their universe, the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance fought for years against a tyrannical empire led by Spock, your famous Vulcan. Upon finding their fleet in the Vulcan system, what do you think the Alliance did next?
"Boots on the Ground"