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Credits Icon
How many Credits a player has.

Credits are the galaxy's standard currency. Use Credits in the Time Portal to enlist crew members, build items, and more.

Credits Credits can be used to buy items from the Time Portal and from Faction Centers, and to craft new items. They are one of the three currencies in Star Trek Timelines, along with Merits and Dilithium.

Players can check how many credits they have in the top right of the screen.

Earning Credits

Credits can be earned in different ways:

  • Completing Missions (without the warp feature). Any mission awards 75Credits per chroniton Chroniton spent. If a player uses their daily 300Chroniton (without Cadet Challenges), this earns roughly 22500Credits.
  • Completing Daily Missions. This in total can award 75000Credits per day.
  • Scanning. The amount is random, but is typically between 5000 and 20000Credits.
  • Completing Faction Missions. The amount is random, but typically around 5000Credits.
  • Passing to the next Captain level. This amount is always 50000Credits.
  • From the Daily Rewards. This amount varies per month but usually totals around 200kCredits.
  • By reaching certain amounts of Victory Points Victory Points during Events.
  • Bought using DilithiumDilithium. The amount bought increases with the VIP Level.