Strange Bedfellows

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The Borg as potential allies, members of your Federation? A threat unlike any you've ever faced, indeed.
~ Q
A Borg fleet has just dropped out of warp in the Alpha Quadrant... or dropped out of time. These could be Borg from the future, with technology we have no defense against. Our only hope is a swift and severe response.
~ Admiral William T. Riker

Strange Bedfellows is the ninth episode (series of missions) in Star Trek Timelines. It contains 4 missions, of which xx are away team missions and yy are ship battle missions. Players must complete the first 3, with the final mission decided by which faction the player supports.

On successful completion, the player receives one of the following crew members, depending on the faction he supported, plus 30 000 Credits.

Missions in Strange Bedfellows

Competing Factions: Borg vs. Federation

Name Type Chroniton Requirement Skills Used Char XP Credits Credits Capt XP Captain XP Remarks
Mission 1:
Rapid Response
Starship Battles 16 | 20 | 24 ?? | ?? | ?? 1200 | 1500 | 1800 923 | 994 | 1034
Mission 2:
Into the Lion's Den
Away Missions 16 | 20 | 24 295 | 619 | 1121
CommandOptional reward node uses CommandNo penalty in bypassing nodes that use DiplomacyDiplomacyEngineeringAll paths require, some with rewards EngineeringNo penalty in bypassing nodes that use SecuritySecurityScienceOptional reward node uses Science
?? | ?? | ?? 960 | 1200 | ?? 923 | 994 | ??
Mission 3:
Kicking the Nest
Away Missions 16 | 20 | 24 305 | 640 | 1159
CommandOptional reward node uses Command
EngineeringAll paths require, some with rewards EngineeringSecurityAll paths require, some with rewards Security
?? | ?? | ?? 1200 | 1500 | ?? 923 | 994 | ??
Choose Faction: Borg for Drone Seven of Nine or Federation for Tommy Gun Dixon
Mission 4A:
Bearing Up
(Borg Victory)
Away Missions 24 | 16 | 20 315 | 661 | 1197
DiplomacyAll paths require, some with rewards DiplomacyEngineeringOptional reward node uses EngineeringSecurityOptional reward node uses Security
MedicineAll paths require, some with rewards Medicine
?? | ?? | ?? ?? | ?? | ?? ?? | ?? | ??
Mission 4B:
Scatter Thine Enemies
(Federation Victory)
Starship Battles 18 | 22 | 24 ?? | ?? | ?? 1200 | 1500 | 1800 923 | 994 | 1034


  • Admiral William T. Riker: "All vessels are ordered to converge on the Borg fleet's location and engage before they can make their next move. Any questions, Captain?"
  • Choice A: Acknowledge and follow orders. [Support Federation]
    • Captain: "Understood. We'll set course immediately."
    • Admiral William T. Riker: "Very good. Riker out."
  • Choice B: Question being the aggressor. [Support Borg]
    • Captain: "Shouldn't we wait and see if the Borg pose a threat before we fire?"
    • Admiral William T. Riker: "I'll wait and see for the Romulans, the Klingons, the Ferengi, the Dominion... but when it comes to the Borg, I've learned to shoot first."
  • Choice C: Wonder what the Borg are up to. [Support Borg]
    • Captain: ""
    • Admiral William T. Riker: "The Borg have had their chance at diplomacy, Captain. We may be explorers, but we're defenders too. Defend the Federation.
Mission Introduction
Rapid Response The line must be drawn here. The Borg must know that whether their arrival was an accident or not, their presence in the Alpha Quadrant will not be tolerated. – Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Into the Lion's Den The Borg will not engage unless they view you as a threat. Unfortunately, boarding their ship may be the very thing that tips that balance. Use extreme caution. – Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Kicking the Nest Even devoting a few moments to speaking with you, instead of controlling the Collective... it was too much. The drones of this ship are now acting on their own power. But I have no doubt you will escape them. – Borg Queen
Bearing Up
Scatter Thine Enemies You value your individuality. Know that now you act as any drone might, mindlessly following the orders of your superiors. Destroy me, and destroy the last vestige of what makes you human. – Borg Queen