Where Nightmares Meet

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Cadet Picard's abduction by a Borg cube sets the Federation on high alert. The Collective's insistence that these Borg are acting independently does little to ease suspicions and may lead to more division. Which path will you take to rescuing Picard?


Where Nightmares Meet was a Hybrid Event beginning 12:00 PM ET (17:00 UTC) Thursday, February 13, 2020. The event ended 12:00 PM ET (17:00 UTC) on Monday, February 17, 2020.

The first phase functions as a Faction Event, with players completing shuttle missions for the Borg, the Romulans or the Dominion. These missions will drop Victory Points, which unlock Threshold Rewards.

The second phase is in the form of a Galaxy Event.

This event offers a Special Pack that has a guaranteed drop of event featured crew if you spend 650 Dilithium on the 10-pack pull.

Where Nightmares Meet was the second of 4 events in the Mega Event Forever As One.


Featured crew give the largest bonuses to faction missions and event recipes.


All characters below give a lesser bonus to faction missions and event recipes.

Event Rewards

There are 4 sets of rewards given in the event.

Solo Ranked Rewards

Solo Ranked Rewards
Ranks Lt. Commander Icheb Head.png Stranded Odo Head.png Dr. Reyga Head.png 10xPremiumTimePortal.png PremiumTimePortal.png Merits.png DynamicOfficerTraining.png AdvancedTacticalTraining.png Dilithium.png
Lt. Commander Icheb Stranded Odo Dr. Reyga 10x Premium
Time Portal
Time Portal
Merits Dynamic Officer
Advanced Tactical
1 5 4 3 2 5 2500 100 500
2-5 4 4 3 2 2000 100 400
6–15 3 4 3 1 5 1500 50 325
16–25 2 4 3 1 5 1250 25 250
26–50 1 4 3 1 1000 25 225
51–75 1 4 3 1 800 20 200
76–200 1 4 3 7 600 15 175
201–350 1 4 3 7 500 50 150
351–650 1 4 3 5 450 25 125
651–1000 1 4 3 5 400 15 100
1001–1500 1 4 3 3 350 15
1501–2000 4 3 3 300 10
2001–2500 3 3 2 250 10
2501–3000 2 3 2 200 10
3001–5000 1 3 2 150 10
5001–7500 3 1 100 10
7501–10,000 2 1 75 10
10,001–15,000 1 1 75 10
15,001–50,000 1 50 10
50,001–100,000 1 50 7
100,001+ 3
100,001+ 3

Threshold Rewards

Victory Points Reward
10 Victory Points Chroniton 50 Chronitons
45 Victory Points Seven in Blue Head.png Seven in Blue
75 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png 6 Dynamic Officer Training
225 Victory Points Spacer.pngAstrometricChart.pngFlipCommon.png
Common Astrometric Chart
Common Borg Nanoprobes
500 Victory Points Chroniton 50 Chronitons
750 Victory Points Credits 10000 Credits
1250 Victory Points Seven in Blue Head.png Seven in Blue
2000 Victory Points Chroniton 50 Chronitons
2800 Victory Points Spacer.pngVelocityHoloprogram.pngFlipUncommon.png
Uncommon Velocity Holoprogram ★★
Uncommon Submicron Scanner ★★
3800 Victory Points Credits 10,000 Credits
5,000 Victory Points SupplyKit.png
1 Supply Kit
50 Chronitons
6,500 Victory Points Mirror Burnham Head.png Mirror Burnham
8,250 Victory Points Credits 15,000 Credits
8,750 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
9,500 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png 8 Dynamic Officer Training
10,500 Victory Points Credits 20,000 Credits
12,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
13,000 Victory Points Credits 25,000 Credits
14,000 Victory Points Spacer.pngSocialLesson.pngFlipCommon.png
Common Social Lesson
Common Mirror Burnham's Uniform
16,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
17,000 Victory Points Credits 30,000 Credits
18,000 Victory Points Merit 500 Merits
21,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
23,000 Victory Points Spacer.pngEncodedCommunique.pngFlipRare.png
Rare Encoded Communique ★★★
Uncommon Covert Contacts ★★
24,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
25,000 Victory Points Picard and Number One Head.png Picard and Number One
27,000 Victory Points Credits 35,000 Credits
30,000 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png
10 Dynamic Officer Training
75 Chronitons
35,000 Victory Points Credits 40,000 Credits
40,000 Victory Points Mirror Burnham Head.png Mirror Burnham
55,000 Victory Points 10xStandardTimePortal.png
5 10x Standard Time Portal
75 Chronitons
62,500 Victory Points Credits 50,000 Credits
70,000 Victory Points SupplyKit.png 1 Supply Kit
85,000 Victory Points Credits 75,000 Credits
100,000 Victory Points Spacer.pngMirrorBurnhamsUniform.pngFlipLegendary.png Legendary Mirror Burnham's Uniform ★★★★★
130,000 Victory Points Mirror Burnham Head.png Mirror Burnham
160,000 Victory Points Merit 1,000 Merits
200,000 Victory Points Credits 150,000 Credits
250,000 Victory Points honor 1,500 Honor
300,000 Victory Points Voyage Revival 1 Voyage Revival
350,000 Victory Points 10xPremiumTimePortal.png 1 10x Premium Time Portal

Squadron Rewards

Ranks Credits Credits Replicator Rations (fuel)
1 125,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 10 Legendary
2–3 90,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 7 Legendary
4–5 85,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 5 Legendary
6–15 80,000 ReplicatorRationSuperRare.png 10 Super Rare
16–25 75,000 ReplicatorRationSuperRare.png 6 Super Rare
26–50 70,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 15 Rare
51–75 65,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 10 Rare
76–200 60,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 7 Rare
201–350 55,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 15 Uncommon
351–650 50,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 10 Uncommon
651–1000 45,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 8 Uncommon
1001–1500 40,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 15 Common
1501–2000 35,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 10 Common
2001–2500 30,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 5 Common
2501–3000 25,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 15 Basic
3001–5000 20,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 12 Basic
5001–7500 15,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 10 Basic
7501+ 10,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 5 Basic

Phase 1, Faction Missions

Where Nightmares Meet Phase 1 ran from February 13, 2020 (12:00 ET) to February 15, 2020 (12:00 ET).

Where Nightmares Meet Faction Missions

Phase 2, Galaxy Missions

Where Nightmares Meet Phase 2 ran from February 15, 2020 (12:00 ET) to February 17, 2020 (12:00 ET).

Title Skills Bonus Traits Input Output
Traces in the Night Track the abducted Picard with the compiled intel. Spacer.pngRikersBorgShipSchematics.pngFlipSuperRare.png Borg Cube Tracking Data
All We Know
Collect any relevant data from the Collective.
Mirror Universe, Astrophysicist (both) FieldRationsBasic.png Rations
Civilian, Gardener (both) ColonialInsignia.png Colonial Insignia
Astrophysicist, Gardener (both) Regulations.png Regulations
Points Unknown
Compile navigational data from Picard's shuttlecraft.
Human, Federation (both) OperaBasic.png Klingon Opera
Diplomacy Mirror Universe, Undercover Operative (both) JulianBashirSecretAgentHolonovel.png Holo-engineering
Bajoran, Changeling (both) KlingoneseDictionaryBasic.png Deciphered Scrolls
Cull data from scans of temporal anomalies.
Bajoran, Desperate (both) Holoimager.png Holo-imager
Diplomacy Inspiring, Astrophysicist (both) WrenchBasic.png Simple Tools
Civilian, Federation (both) VulcanMeditationLampBasic.png Meditation Techniques
Suspicions Disproven
Gather proof that the overall Collective was uninvolved.
Diplomacy Desperate, Survivalist (both) GaghBasic.png Gagh
Astrophysicist, Undercover Operative (both) BorgExoPlatingBasic.png Ablative Armor
Engineering Astrophysicist, Federation (both) ForceFieldRelayBasic.png Force Field Relay
Tenuous Ties
Research the relevant tenets of peace with the Borg.
Command Changeling, Desperate (both) HygieneProtocolBasic.png Hygiene Protocol
Science Human, Civilian (both) EconomicStimulus.png Genetic Research
What We Leave Behind
Recover the younger Picard's personal effects.
Civilian, Astrophysicist (both) PsychologicalEvaluationHoloprogramBasic.png Lie Detection Techniques
Diplomacy Federation, Undercover Operative (both) FrankensteinMovieBasic.png Documentary Footage
Command Bajoran, Survivalist (both) LaboratorySuppliesBasic.png Laboratory Supplies
Whispered Space
Decode communications with the rogue Borg cube.
Inspiring, Civilian (both) PalmBeaconBasic.png Monitoring Device
Security Xenoanthropology, Federation (both) BajoranPADDBasic.png Criminal Record
Diplomacy Cultural Figure, Gardener (both) RiotGearBasic.png Riot Gear



With young Picard captured by a Borg cube following his unfortunate appearance beyond the Neutral Zone, the galaxy is on high alert, particularly the Borg. They insist this cube is not acting at the behest of the Collective. But what does this subset of rogue drones want with the Young Picard? [1]


  • Annika Hansen Seven: "Captain, I can assure you the abduction of Picard's younger self is as disconcerting for the Collective as it is for the Federation."
  • Annika Hansen Seven: "The Collective has been unsuccessful in establishing contact with the derelict cube. They are fully committed to recovering the cube and any Starfleet personnel it might have seized."
  • Mirror Burnham: "I trust that declaration as much as I trust a Romulan to cover my back. Spare us the diplomatic posturing. You couldn't have picked a more annoying Federation trait to assimilate."
  • Stranded Odo: "Enough. Time is a luxury we do not have. With so many bitter rivalries set aside in the interest of finding the missing cube, surely you can bite your tongue long enough to do what needs to be done, Terran."


  • Mirror Burnham: "It took you long enough to actually make headway, Captain, but I suppose you did manage to prove useful in the end."
  • Annika Hansen Seven: "A picture is beginning to emerge of why they chose to pursue the young Picard. His influence is felt throughout the galaxy, so it feels only natural those intent on abducting him would be prepared to disappear so quickly."
  • Choice A
    • Captain: "Indeed. I doubt there is a Borg who does not know Locutus."
    • Annika Hansen Seven: "True. Any drone would immediately recognize Locutus, who brought them such valuable insight and unfiltered access to the Federation. But beyond his utility, few Borg would concern themselves with his human identity as Picard. The Borg only care for that which they can use."
  • Choice B
    • Captain: "Yes. He is rather infamous among Romulans."
    • Mirror Burnham: "Yes, and yet he insists on constantly meddling in their affairs long after they've made it clear his 'help' is not desired. His behavior smacks of Starfleet's standard superiority complex."
  • Choice C
    • Captain: "His service record is full of accounts of peaceful instances of first contact."
    • Stranded Odo: "The Federation has made enough contact with other species by now to know that each species has its own idea of 'peaceful contact'. There are many who do not perceive Picard's efforts as peaceful."
  • Stranded Odo: "We should move to find Picard as quickly as possible. There's no telling how many across the galaxy would jump at the chance to seize a Starfleet legend, even one in training."


  • Annika Hansen Seven : "Your assistance is appreciated, Captain. As indefensible as I find the Borg's way of life, the Federation has committed to an alliance with them and I applaud your commitment to upholding that alliance."
  • Admiral Picard : "It is a fragile peace, but I would be remiss if I did not extend my gratitude, both to you, Captain, and to the Collective. They have shown their commitment to recovering my younger self."
  • Admiral Picard : "And yet, I cannot help but feel bitterness and apprehension. I am certain they intend to make my younger self assume the role of Locutus. To force him to relive my own personal hell. Recovering from that nightmare as a grown man was difficult enough, but he is still a boy..."