Voyage Revival

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Voyage Revival

Voyage Revival is a token given by DB to revive voyages that have run out of antimatter. The restored antimatter is inclusive the bonus at the begining of the voyage.

Won Voyage Duration

  • According to Player suggestions the appreciate left minutes of the voyage is a division of antimatter by 22.
 The factor is much lower in case of a crew which can still avoid hazards.
  • Maybe the refreshed antimatter is enough too reach the next Dilemma.
  • Quality of Rewards will be much bettern for Normal activity.
  • The count of Antimatter at the beginning should be as high as possible. This maximize the amount of won duration a Voyage Revival.
 As descripted in Player suggestions at a timepoint all hazards will fail.

Multiple Usage

  • Multiple usage can be useful
 There exist Achievements which depends on voyages.
 Better Rewards over time for Normal activity like multiple Super Rare characters are possible.
  • The Count of Antimatter at the beginning is more importand than the skills in case of multiple usage
 The duration of the voyage depends on Antimatter. At the beginning successful hazards will increase the amount of antimatter.
 The count of Voyage Revival to reach the x hour Single Voyage Achievements depends primary from the refreshed antimatter.
 After the first refresh of antimatter the count of failed hazards is primary decreasing the amount of antimatter very fast.

Prevent Usage Next Time

  • A crew should avoid as much Hazards as possible
  • How many dilemma are reachable from a crew depends on all crew member their skills.
  • To increase the duration of the next voyages the log can help:
 In case of avoiding hazards at the end of the logs, the skill point was not optimal choosen.
   * decrease primary or secondary skills
   * increase the skillpoint of the other skills
 Optimal duration is reached in case of the same count of failed hazards for all skills.
 This information is available only on the overview at the end of a voyages
  • The count of successful avoided hazard is the primary factor to increase the Duration of the first antimater.
   * An good crew has a higher amount of antimatter after two hours at the first dilemma.
   * All skills have to avoid as much hazards as possible.