The Falcon Falls

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For the second run of this event, see The Falcon Falls 2

Event The Falcon Falls.png

Cities are vanishing across Romulus, and with each new one that disappears, the indomitable Romulan Star Empire teeters on the brink of destruction. Can you unravel this mystery before an entire civilization is lost?


The Falcon Falls is a Hybrid[1] Event beginning 12:00 PM (ET) Thursday, April 13, 2017. The first phase ends 12:00 PM (ET) on Saturday,April 15, 2017. The event ends 12:00 PM (ET) Monday, April 17, 2017.

The first phase functions as a Faction Event, with players completing shuttle missions for Victory Points. The second phase is in the form of a Galaxy Event.

This event offers a Special Pack that has a guaranteed drop of event featured crew if you spend 650 Dilithium on the 10-pack pull.


Featured crew give the largest bonuses to faction missions and event recipes.


All characters below give a lesser bonus to faction missions and event recipes.

Event Rewards

There are 4 sets of rewards given in the event.

Solo Ranked Rewards

Solo Ranked Rewards
Ranks Mintakan Riker Head.png Commander Sela Head.png Jazz Musician Riker Head.png 10xPremiumTimePortal.png PremiumTimePortal.png Merits.png DynamicOfficerTraining.png AdvancedTacticalTraining.png

Mintakan Riker Commander Sela Jazz Musician Riker 10x Premium
Time Portal
Time Portal
Merits Dynamic Officer
Advanced Tactical

1 5 4 3 2 5 2500 100
2–3 4 4 3 2 2000 100
4-10 3 4 3 1 5 1500 50
11-25 2 4 3 1 5 1000 25
26-50 1 4 3 1 500 25
51-75 1 4 3 1 350 20
76-200 1 4 3 7 250 15
201-350 1 4 3 7 150 50
351-500 1 4 3 5 100 25
501-750 1 4 3 5 100 15
751-1000 1 4 3 3 100 15
1001–1500 4 3 3 75 10
1501–2000 3 3 2 50 10
2001–2500 2 3 2 50 10
2501–3000 1 3 2 50 10
3001–5000 3 1 10
5001–7500 2 1 10
7501–10,000 1 1 10
10,001–15,000 1 10
15,001–50,000 1 7
50,001–100,000 1 5
100,001+ 3

Threshold Rewards

Victory Points Reward
1 Victory Points TransmissionRomulanStarEmpire.png 2 Romulan Star Empire Transmission
2 Victory Points Chroniton 10 Chronitons
3 Victory Points BasicSurvivalTraining.png 5 Basic Survival Training
8 Victory Points Lt. Tasha Yar Head.png Lt. Tasha Yar
12 Victory Points Spacer.pngPhaserType3DS9.pngFlipCommon.png Common Phaser Type 3 (DS9)
25 Victory Points TransmissionRomulanStarEmpire.png 4 Romulan Star Empire Transmission
30 Victory Points Spacer.pngTacticalAlert.pngFlipCommon.png Common Tactical Alert
50 Victory Points Credits 25000 Credits
80 Victory Points Spacer.pngPhaserType1TNG.pngFlipCommon.png
Common Phaser Type 1
Basic Holoprogram
150 Victory Points Merit 50 Merits
250 Victory Points ElementaryFlightTraining.png 5 Elementary Flight Training
400 Victory Points TransmissionRomulanStarEmpire.png 6 Romulan Star Empire Transmission
425 Victory Points Chroniton 50 Chronitons
550 Victory Points Spacer.pngEmergencyTransporterArmband.pngFlipCommon.png
Common Emergency Transporter Armband
Basic Starfleet Security Uniform (TNG)
750 Victory Points Lt. Tasha Yar Head.png Lt. Tasha Yar
1000 Victory Points Merit 75 Merits
1500 Victory Points Spacer.pngBoxingGloves.pngFlipUncommon.png Uncommon Boxing Gloves ★★
2000 Victory Points IntermediateCommandTraining.png 3 Intermediate Command Training
3000 Victory Points Ambassador Spock Head.png Ambassador Spock
4500 Victory Points Spacer.pngRomulanEncryptionAlgorithm.pngFlipCommon.png Common Romulan Encryption Algorithm
5850 Victory Points 10xStandardTimePortal.png 1 10x Standard Time Portal
7500 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
8500 Victory Points AdvancedTacticalTraining.png 10 Advanced Tactical Training
9500 Victory Points Credits 50000 Credits
10500 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
12000 Victory Points Spacer.pngRomulanDisruptor.pngFlipSuperRare.png
Super Rare Spock's Rifle ★★★★
Rare Vulcan Meditation Lamp ★★★
13500 Victory Points Credits 50000 Credits
15000 Victory Points 10xStandardTimePortal.png 3 10x Standard Time Portal
18500 Victory Points Chroniton 100 Chronitons
20000 Victory Points Spacer.pngSpocksOutfit.pngFlipSuperRare.png
Super Rare Spock's Outfit ★★★★
Rare 3d Chess Set ★★★
25000 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png 10 Dynamic Officer Training
35000 Victory Points Ambassador Spock Head.png Ambassador Spock
50000 Victory Points 10xStandardTimePortal.png 5 10x Standard Time Portal
65000 Victory Points Chroniton 125 Chronitons
80000 Victory Points Credits 100000 Credits
120000 Victory Points 10xStandardTimePortal.png 7 10x Standard Time Portal

Community Rewards

Victory Points Reward Obtained
300,000,000 Victory Points Ambassador Spock Head.png Ambassador Spock Yes
600,000,000 Victory Points Commander Sela Head.png Commander Sela Yes
1,000,000,000 Victory Points 10xPremiumTimePortal.png 10x Premium Time Portal No

Squadron Rewards

Ranks Credits Credits Replicator Rations (fuel)
1 125,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 10 Legendary
2–3 90,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 7 Legendary
4–5 85,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 5 Legendary
6–15 80,000 ReplicatorRationSuperRare.png 10 Super Rare
16–25 75,000 ReplicatorRationSuperRare.png 6 Super Rare
26–50 70,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 15 Rare
51–75 65,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 10 Rare
76–200 60,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 7 Rare
201–350 55,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 15 Uncommon
351–650 50,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 10 Uncommon
651–1000 45,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 8 Uncommon
1001–1500 40,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 15 Common
1501–2000 35,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 10 Common
2001–2500 30,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 5 Common
2501–3000 25,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 15 Basic
3001–5000 20,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 12 Basic
5001–7500 15,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 10 Basic
7501+ 10,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 5 Basic


Phase 1

The Falcon Falls Faction Missions

Phase 2

The Falcon Falls Phase 2 ran from April 15th, 2017 (12:00 ET) to April 17th, 2017 (12:00 ET) .

Title Skills Bonus Traits Input Output
Homecoming Escort the first Romulans to their distant new home. WritingPADDTNGSuperRare.png Transport Charter
Early Warning
Spot faltering defenses among the migratory fleet.
Exobiology, Costumed (both) PathogenResearchBasic.png Scouting Reports
Costumed, Undercover Operative (both) StrategyBriefBasic.png Strategy Brief
Medicine Physician, Vulcan (both) EconomicStimulus.png Genetic Research
Follow the Stars
Chart a course through the storm to Romulus and Remus.
Security Federation, Marksman (both) EmergencyCommuniqueBasic.png Emergency Communique
Hunter, Exobiology (both) PathogenResearchBasic.png Strikeforce Research
Diplomacy Human, Undercover Operative (both) StrikeforceCommunicatorBasic.png Strikeforce Communicator
Full Speed
Keep the Romulans' engines online.
Diplomacy Vulcan, Survivalist (both) ForceFieldRelayBasic.png Force Field Relay
Science Romulan, Villain (both) PalmBeaconBasic.png Monitoring Device
Engineering Innovator, Resourceful (both) IncenseBasic.png Raw Materials
Patch Them Up
Keep wounded navigators on their feet.
Federation, Civilian (both) ReliefSupplies.png Relief Supplies
Survivalist, Exobiology (both) LaboratorySuppliesBasic.png Laboratory Supplies
Romulan, Survivalist (both) PortableShelterBasic.png Portable Shelter
Putting Down Roots
Ready materials for the ancient Romulans' new colony.
Command Starfleet, Innovator (both) ForceFieldGenerator.png Force Field Generator
Villain, Human (both) CasingBasic.png Metallurgy
Civilian, Prodigy (both) OptronicDataCoreBasic.png Atmospheric Regulator
Romulan Overboard
Rescue the crew of a damaged Romulan ship.
Romulan, Starfleet (both) RiotGearBasic.png Riot Gear
Human, Romulan (both) HygieneProtocolBasic.png Hygiene Protocol
Human, Survivalist (both) WritingPADDTNGBasic.png Passenger Manifest
Taking on Water
Close hull breaches on storm-battered ships.
Astrophysicist, Starfleet (both) WeaponCraftingBasic.png Weapon Crafting
Federation, Exobiology (both) Spacer.pngStrikeforceProjections.pngFlipBasic.png Strikeforce Projections
Tactician, Diplomat (both) FieldRationsBasic.png Rations



Entire cities on Romulus and its colonies are disappearing as though wiped from existence. As the Romulan Star Empire begins to collapse from within, its people have reached out across the Neutral Zone and asked Starfleet for help. They suspect a temporal anomaly may be responsible for this catastrophe, but if they can’t stop it in time, their once-proud civilization may vanish entirely. [2]


  • Sela: "The Romulan Empire is collapsing, Captain. Cities throughout the Empire, even on Romulus itself, have begun vanishing into thin air, taking out people with them. We suspect a temporal anomaly is behind this, but the Senate is too overwhelmed with evacuations to find it."
  • Sela: "The Empire and your Federation have been enemies more often than allies, but I know you're nothing if not resourceful. If I could save my people single-handedly, I would, but instead I must ask you for your help. If we do not act quickly, the whole Empire will fall."


  • Mintakan Riker: "I've been going through the data you collected, and I think I know what's happened to the missing Romulans. According to our current timeline, they never existed."
  • Mintakan Riker: "A temporal anomaly has opened back to the Romulan migration from Vulcan to Romulus, but it opened in the middle of an ion storm. Every time an ancient Romulan gets lost in that storm, their history and all their descendants cease to exist, because they never were."
  • choice A
    • Captain: "Will this storm pass on its own?"
    • Mintakan Riker: "No such luck. According to our scans, it's spread across three neighboring star systems. It'll be weeks before the ion storm leaves the area of the anomaly."
  • choice B
    • Captain: "What can I expect if I go through that anomaly to help them?"
    • Mintakan Riker: "The Romulans we know take after their ancestors. They're a militaristic people. Get too close to them too quickly, and they might see you as a threat. I'd recommend making contact as soon as possible to explain your intentions."
  • choice C
    • Captain: "The Alpha Quadrant could be a lot safer with fewer Romulans in it..."
    • Mintakan Riker: "I have to disagree, Captain. We may not see eye to eye with them, but if the Romulan Empire collapses, hundreds of systems could be destabilized while people fight over its scraps. It's in our best interest–and the Alpha Quadrant's best interest–to help them."
  • Ambassador Spock: "Every moment that we wait, more lives are lost. I am receiving reports of unrest along the Neutral Zone as other powers take an interest in the Romulans' weakened state. However, I must also point out that Romulus and its colonies are not the only planets at risk."
  • Ambassador Spock: "Faced with this ion storm, some Romulan ancestors may reverse course and return to Vulcan. Such a decision would alter Vulcan's history in ways I can only begin to imagine, Captain, but none of them are for the better. Not for either of our peoples."


  • Ambassador Spock: "Because of your intervention, nearly every member of the Romulan migration reached their new home. I thank you, Captain. Even if today's Romulans continue to walk their ancestors' warlike path, their culture, like any other, is still worthy of preservation."
  • Sela: "I'll admit, I had my doubts about Starfleet's intentions. I was prepared for you to turn on us, to seize our territory for yourself. My people will remember that when our civilization was at stake, you helped us to our feet instead of striking the finishing blow."