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Believing the Klingon Empire forever tainted by the influence of the Federation, Kol believes it must be destroyed and rebuilt anew. Out of desperation, he has allied with longtime Klingon enemies the Hur'q. Can you stop him?


From the Ashes was a Hybrid Event beginning 12:00 PM ET (17:00 UTC) Thursday, February 21, 2019. The event ended 12:00 PM ET (17:00 UTC) on Monday, February 25, 2019.

The first phase functions as a Faction Event, with players completing shuttle missions for Section 31, Federation, or Klingon Empire. These missions will drop Victory Points, which unlock Threshold Rewards.

The second phase is in the form of a Galaxy Event.

This event offers a Special Pack that has a guaranteed drop of event featured crew if you spend 650 Dilithium on the 10-pack pull.

From the Ashes is the Fourth of 4 events in the Mega Event Empire Reforged.


Featured crew give the largest VP bonuses to skirmish battles.


All characters below give a lesser VP bonus to skirmish battles.

Event Rewards

There are 4 sets of rewards given in the event.

Solo Ranked Rewards

Solo Ranked Rewards
Ranks Bartender Tuvok Head.png Defiant Commander Worf Head.png Tribunal Pike Head.png 10xPremiumTimePortal.png PremiumTimePortal.png Merits.png DynamicOfficerTraining.png AdvancedTacticalTraining.png Dilithium.png
Bartender Tuvok Defiant Commander Worf Tribunal Pike 10x Premium
Time Portal
Time Portal
Merits Dynamic Officer
Advanced Tactical
1 5 4 3 2 5 2500 100 500
2-5 4 4 3 2 2000 100 400
6–15 3 4 3 1 5 1500 50 325
16–25 2 4 3 1 5 1250 25 250
26–50 1 4 3 1 1000 25 225
51–75 1 4 3 1 800 20 200
76–200 1 4 3 7 600 15 175
201–350 1 4 3 7 500 50 150
351–650 1 4 3 5 450 25 125
651–1000 1 4 3 5 400 15 100
1001–1500 1 4 3 3 350 15
1501–2000 4 3 3 300 10
2001–2500 3 3 2 250 10
2501–3000 2 3 2 200 10
3001–5000 1 3 2 150 10
5001–7500 3 1 100 10
7501–10,000 2 1 75 10
10,001–15,000 1 1 75 10
15,001–50,000 1 50 10
50,001–100,000 1 50 7
100,001+ 3
100,001+ 3

Threshold Rewards

Victory Points Reward
10 Victory Points TransmissionFederation.png
1 Federation Transmission
1 Klingon Empire Transmission
1 Section 31 Transmission
45 Victory Points Lieutenant Commander Saru Head.png Lieutenant Commander Saru
75 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png 6 Dynamic Officer Training
225 Victory Points Spacer.pngCommandCommunicator.pngFlipCommon.png
Common Command Communicator
Common Spectral Micrometer
500 Victory Points Chroniton 50 Chronitons
75 Victory Points Credits 10000 Credits
1250 Victory Points Lieutenant Commander Saru Head.png Lieutenant Commander Saru
2000 Victory Points TransmissionFederation.png
1 Federation Transmission
1 Klingon Empire Transmission
1 Section 31 Transmission
2000 Victory Points Chroniton 50 Chronitons
2800 Victory Points Spacer.pngPatternEnhancer.pngFlipUncommon.png
Uncommon Pattern Enhancer ★★
Uncommon Identification Code ★★
3800 Victory Points Credits 10,000 Credits
5,000 Victory Points SupplyKit.png
1 Supply Kit
50 Chronitons
6,500 Victory Points Siranna Head.png Siranna
8,250 Victory Points Credits 15,000 Credits
8,750 Victory Points Requisition Shuttle Token
1 Requisition Shuttle Token
75 Chronitons
9,500 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png 8 Dynamic Officer Training
10,500 Victory Points Credits 20,000 Credits
12,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
13,000 Victory Points Credits 25,000 Credits
14,000 Victory Points Spacer.pngSirannasKnife.pngFlipUncommon.png
Uncommon Siranna's Knife ★★
Common Medkit
16,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
17,000 Victory Points Credits 30,000 Credits
18,000 Victory Points Merit 500 Merits
21,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
23,000 Victory Points Spacer.pngSirannasFlower.pngFlipRare.png
Rare Siranna's Flower ★★★
Rare Science Lesson ★★★
24,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
25,000 Victory Points Kol of House Kor Head.png Kol of House Kor
27,000 Victory Points Credits 35,000 Credits
30,000 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png
10 Dynamic Officer Training
75 Chronitons
35,000 Victory Points Credits 40,000 Credits
40,000 Victory Points Siranna Head.png Siranna
55,000 Victory Points 10xStandardTimePortal.png
Requisition Shuttle Token
5 10x Standard Time Portal
1 Requisition Shuttle Token
62,500 Victory Points Credits
50,000 Credits
75 Chronitons
70,000 Victory Points SupplyKit.png 1 Supply Kit
85,000 Victory Points Credits 75,000 Credits
100,000 Victory Points Spacer.pngSirannasKelpienOutfit.pngFlipLegendary.png Legendary Siranna's Kelpien Outfit ★★★★★
130,000 Victory Points Siranna Head.png Siranna
160,000 Victory Points Merit 1,000 Merits
200,000 Victory Points Credits 150,000 Credits
250,000 Victory Points honor 1,500 Honor
300,000 Victory Points Voyage Revival 1 Voyage Revival
350,000 Victory Points 10xPremiumTimePortal.png 1 10x Premium Time Portal

Community Rewards

Victory Points Reward Obtained
300,000,000 Victory Points Defiant Commander Worf Head.png Defiant Commander Worf Yes
600,000,000 Victory Points Siranna Head.png Siranna Yes
1,000,000,000 Victory Points 10xPremiumTimePortal.png 10x Premium Time Portal Yes

Squadron Rewards

Ranks Credits Credits Replicator Rations (fuel)
1 125,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 10 Legendary
2–3 90,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 7 Legendary
4–5 85,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 5 Legendary
6–15 80,000 ReplicatorRationSuperRare.png 10 Super Rare
16–25 75,000 ReplicatorRationSuperRare.png 6 Super Rare
26–50 70,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 15 Rare
51–75 65,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 10 Rare
76–200 60,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 7 Rare
201–350 55,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 15 Uncommon
351–650 50,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 10 Uncommon
651–1000 45,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 8 Uncommon
1001–1500 40,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 15 Common
1501–2000 35,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 10 Common
2001–2500 30,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 5 Common
2501–3000 25,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 15 Basic
3001–5000 20,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 12 Basic
5001–7500 15,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 10 Basic
7501+ 10,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 5 Basic

Phase 1, Faction Missions

From the Ashes Phase 1 ran from December 13, 2018 (12:00 ET) to December 15, 2018 (12:00 ET).

From the Ashes Faction Missions

Phase 2, Galaxy Missions

From the Ashes Phase 2 ran from December 15, 2018 (12:00 ET) to December 17, 2018 (12:00 ET).

Title Skills Bonus Traits Input Output
Insurance Policy Land a remote ship with bomb at the Hur’q cloning facility. Spacer.pngEmergencyTransponder.pngFlipSuperRare.png Homeworld Detonator
Ancient Energies
Create a multiphase pulse to disrupt Hur’q force fields.
Security Human, Brutal (both) StrikeforceTricorderBasic.png Strikeforce Tricorder
Medicine Spiritual, Gardener (both) KlingoneseDictionaryBasic.png Deciphered Scrolls
Spiritual, Duelist (both) VaccineResearchBasic.png Medical Research
Exoskeletal X-Ray
Compile schematics of Hur’q vessels.
Cultural Figure, Duelist (both) StrikeforceCommunicatorBasic.png Strikeforce Communicator
Hunter, Brutal (both) PsychologicalEvaluationHoloprogramBasic.png Lie Detection Techniques
Gardener, Brutal (both) HeavyDutyTricorderBasic.png Genetic Scanner
Genetic Details
Collect samples of current and stored Hur’q DNA to compare.
Tactician, Inspiring (both) BiofilterRetrofitBasic.png Biofilter Retrofit
Diplomacy Tactician, Explorer (both) EconomicStimulus.png Genetic Research
Security Explorer, Inspiring (both) PathogenResearchBasic.png Scouting Reports
Hidden Legacies
Uncover the relics the Hur’q have stolen from other worlds.
Diplomacy Duelist, Klingon (both) BurialRitesBasic.png Burial Rites
Duelist, Brutal (both) KlingoneseDictionaryBasic.png Amendments
Inspiring, Federation (both) AndorianCommunicatorBasic.png Andorian Communications
Mass Production
Obtain equipment used for mass cloning of the Hur’q.
Klingon, Hunter (both) EthicalSubroutine.pngEthical Subroutine
Hunter, Cultural Figure (both) CovertContactsBasic.png Cover Identity
Inspiring, Kelpien (both) PortableShelterBasic.png Portable Shelter
Patchwork Arsenal
Collect technology and equipment stolen from Hur’q victims.
Security Duelist, Klingon (both) StrategyBriefBasic.png Debate Strategy
Command Human, Explorer (both) AndorianCommunicatorBasic.png Listening Device
Security Starfleet, Tactician (both) PsychologyTextBasic.png Mythological Stories
Trail of Terror
Cull historical data on the Hur’q’s past attacks.
Kelpien, Gardener (both) DoctorChaoticasMicrophoneBasic.png Recording Equipment
Gardener, Spiritual (both) PoetryBasic.png Temporal Mechanics



Still dissatisfied with his own people and furious over the influence he believes the Federation wields over the Empire, Kol decides that the only way to preserve the honor of the Empire is to destroy it and rebuild anew. [1]


  • Kol of House Kor: "I see it was foolish of me to expect the Empire, cozy now in the lap of the Federation, to be salvageable. I cannot allow our honor to be irrevocably stained. Those who know the path of a true warrior, join me. We must burn this husk to the ground, so that we may rebuild anew!"
  • Christopher Pike: "I wish I could say Kol's incisive threats were the worst of our problems, but we have reports from Deep Space Nine that a fleet of unrecognized ships came through the wormhole. Remarkably, they've been identified as belonging to the Hur'q, ancient enemies of the Klingon Empire."
  • Siranna: "Hello? Please, we need assistance. My name is Siranna. My brother Saru left with people from your Federation. I need to contact him. Our homeworld is under attack by numerous ships. Please!"
  • Christopher Pike: "Now a distress call? It's coming from Kaminar, home to the Kelpiens, a pre-warp civilization. It appears those Hur'q ships have split off and Kaminar is only one of their targets. I've never seen anything like this. We could use your help right now, Captain!"


  • Defiant Commander Worf: "I do not care what this Kol thinks. The Klingon Empire will not fall to the ambitions of one small-minded man."
  • Siranna: "I'm not familiar with these other affairs, but my people and I are truly grateful to you, Captain, for assisting with these invasive forces. Unfortunately, we're not completely rid of them yet."
  • Christopher Pike: "And you won't be until we can find and eliminate the source of their invasion. The temporal anomaly crisis fails to account for the sheer number of Hur'q that have appeared in the Alpha Quadrant. What do you think, Captain?"
  • Choice A
    • Captain: "What is so alarming about their numbers?"
    • Christopher Pike: "They don't fit any population models Starfleet scientists have compiled. And that's not to mention the massive amount of ships they have. Where would they have gotten the resources for all of those ships without arousing the suspicions of the Dominion?"
  • Choice B
    • Captain: "Why would a Klingon like Kol summon the Hur'q?"
    • Defiant Commander Worf: "He is a Klingon in biology only! No true son of the Empire would ally themselves with the thieves who stole the Sword of Kahless! He has disgraced himself, so intent on achieving his own goals that he would use one of our fiercest enemies against us."
  • Choice C
    • Captain: "How are things on Kaminar, Siranna?"
    • Siranna: "It has been a challenge keeping my people from devolving into hysteria. We are accustomed to the Ba'ul, but not to this new disturbance in the sky. I am doing all that I can to maintain order, but the sooner the invaders are gone, the better."
  • Christopher Pike: "You were instrumental in confronting Kol and the Hur'q, Captain. We need you to help us subdue the rapid construction–or duplication–of Hur'q soldiers and vessels."


  • Christopher Pike: "Some reformer you turned out to be, Kol. I think our alliance with some of the Great Houses is even better than it was before. A lot of them are grateful to have you out of the way."
  • Kol of House Kor: "Any House allying itself with the likes of you or any other Federation weakling is not worthy of the legacy of our mighty Empire! I will see the Empire's glory restored and I am not alone in my ambitions."
  • Christopher Pike: "No surprise there. You don't have the intelligence or the resources to pull off the full-scale invasion the Hur'q launched. Luckily Starfleet is well-equipped to handle pest control, for better or for worse."
  • Christopher Pike: "You, on the other hand, are likely to find the universe a lonelier place if you ever see the light of day again. After all, I doubt the Empire has any room for the man who set their long-hated enemies upon them. Now you can see how much glory there is in exile."