The Longest Day 2

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For the first run of this event, see The Longest Day

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The temporal crisis has resurrected the planet Xindus–locked eternally in its explosive final day! Several Starfleet personnel are caught up in that looping tragedy. Determine the fate of Xindus, the loop, and the Starfleet personnel trapped within!


The Longest Day 2 is a Hybrid Event beginning 12:00 PM ET (16:00 UTC) Thursday, January 2, 2020. The first phase ends 12:00 PM ET (16:00 UTC) on Saturday, January 4, 2020. The event ends 12:00 PM ET (16:00 UTC) Monday, January 6, 2020.

The first phase functions as a Faction Event, with players completing shuttle missions for the Dominion or Hirogen. These missions will drop Victory Points, which unlock Threshold Rewards.

The second phase is in the form of a Galaxy Event.

This event offers a Special Pack that has a guaranteed drop of event featured crew if you spend 650 Dilithium on the 10-pack pull.


Featured crew give the largest bonuses to faction missions and event recipes.


All characters below give a lesser bonus to faction missions and event recipes.

Event Rewards

There are 4 sets of rewards given in the event.

Solo Ranked Rewards

Solo Ranked Rewards
Ranks Ishan Chaye Sisko Head.png Rogue Harry Kim Head.png Writer Jake Sisko Head.png 10xPremiumTimePortal.png PremiumTimePortal.png Merits.png DynamicOfficerTraining.png AdvancedTacticalTraining.png Dilithium.png
Ishan Chaye Sisko Rogue Harry Kim Writer Jake Sisko 10x Premium
Time Portal
Time Portal
Merits Dynamic Officer
Advanced Tactical
1 5 4 3 2 5 2500 100 500
2-5 4 4 3 2 2000 100 400
6–15 3 4 3 1 5 1500 50 325
16–25 2 4 3 1 5 1250 25 250
26–50 1 4 3 1 1000 25 225
51–75 1 4 3 1 800 20 200
76–200 1 4 3 7 600 15 175
201–350 1 4 3 7 500 50 150
351–650 1 4 3 5 450 25 125
651–1000 1 4 3 5 400 15 100
1001–1500 1 4 3 3 350 15
1501–2000 4 3 3 300 10
2001–2500 3 3 2 250 10
2501–3000 2 3 2 200 10
3001–5000 1 3 2 150 10
5001–7500 3 1 100 10
7501–10,000 2 1 75 10
10,001–15,000 1 1 75 10
15,001–50,000 1 50 10
50,001–100,000 1 50 7
100,001+ 3
100,001+ 3

Threshold Rewards

Victory Points Reward
10 Victory Points Chroniton 50 Chronitons
45 Victory Points Away Team Archer Head.png Away Team Archer
75 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png 6 Dynamic Officer Training
225 Victory Points Spacer.pngPhotonGrenade.pngFlipCommon.png
Click Me!
Common Stun Grenade
Common Desktop Monitor
500 Victory Points Chroniton 50 Chronitons
750 Victory Points Credits 10000 Credits
1250 Victory Points Away Team Archer Head.png Away Team Archer
2000 Victory Points Chroniton 50 Chronitons
2800 Victory Points Spacer.pngPhasePistol.pngFlipUncommon.png
Uncommon Archer's Phase Pistol ★★
Uncommon Wrench ★★
3800 Victory Points Credits 10,000 Credits
5,000 Victory Points SupplyKit.png
1 Supply Kit
50 Chronitons
6,500 Victory Points Xindi 'Prisoner' Archer Head.png Xindi Prisoner Archer
8,250 Victory Points Credits 15,000 Credits
8,750 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
9,500 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png 8 Dynamic Officer Training
10,500 Victory Points Credits 20,000 Credits
12,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
13,000 Victory Points Credits 25,000 Credits
14,000 Victory Points Spacer.pngDiplomaticProtocol.pngFlipCommon.png
Common Diplomatic Protocol
Common Criminal Activity Report
16,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
17,000 Victory Points Credits 30,000 Credits
18,000 Victory Points Merit 500 Merits
21,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
23,000 Victory Points Spacer.pngRegulanBloodworm.pngFlipRare.png
Rare Regulan Bloodworm ★★★
Uncommon Covert Contacts ★★
24,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
27,000 Victory Points Credits 35,000 Credits
30,000 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png
10 Dynamic Officer Training
75 Chronitons
35,000 Victory Points Credits 40,000 Credits
40,000 Victory Points Xindi 'Prisoner' Archer Head.png Xindi Prisoner Archer
55,000 Victory Points 10xStandardTimePortal.png
5 10x Standard Time Portal
75 Chronitons
62,500 Victory Points Credits 50,000 Credits
70,000 Victory Points SupplyKit.png 1 Supply Kit
85,000 Victory Points Credits 75,000 Credits
100000 Victory Points Spacer.pngArchersXindiPrisonerDisguise.pngFlipLegendary.png Legendary Archer's Xindi Prisoner Disguise ★★★★★
130000 Victory Points Xindi 'Prisoner' Archer Head.png Xindi Prisoner Archer
160,000 Victory Points Merit 1,000 Merits
200,000 Victory Points Credits 150,000 Credits
250,000 Victory Points honor 1,500 Honor
300,000 Victory Points Voyage Revival 1 Voyage Revival
350,000 Victory Points 10xPremiumTimePortal.png 1 10x Premium Time Portal

Community Rewards

Victory Points Reward Obtained
300,000,000 Victory Points Rogue Harry Kim Head.png Rogue Harry Kim Yes
600,000,000 Victory Points Xindi 'Prisoner' Archer Head.png Xindi Prisoner Archer Yes
1,000,000,000 Victory Points 10xPremiumTimePortal.png 10x Premium Time Portal Yes

Squadron Rewards

Ranks Credits Credits Replicator Rations (fuel)
1 125,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 10 Legendary
2–3 90,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 7 Legendary
4–5 85,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 5 Legendary
6–15 80,000 ReplicatorRationSuperRare.png 10 Super Rare
16–25 75,000 ReplicatorRationSuperRare.png 6 Super Rare
26–50 70,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 15 Rare
51–75 65,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 10 Rare
76–200 60,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 7 Rare
201–350 55,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 15 Uncommon
351–650 50,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 10 Uncommon
651–1000 45,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 8 Uncommon
1001–1500 40,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 15 Common
1501–2000 35,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 10 Common
2001–2500 30,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 5 Common
2501–3000 25,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 15 Basic
3001–5000 20,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 12 Basic
5001–7500 15,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 10 Basic
7501+ 10,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 5 Basic


Phase 1

The Longest Day 2 Faction Missions

Phase 2

The Longest Day 2 Phase 2 ran from January 4th, 2020 (12:00 ET) to January 6th, 2020 (12:00 ET).

Title Skills Bonus Traits Input Output
For Observation Track the quantity of chronitons surrounding Xindus. Spacer.pngDesktopMonitorENT.pngFlipSuperRare.png Chroniton Tracking
Closing the Circle
Restrict access to the Delphic Expanse.
Starfleet, Desperate (both) EmergencyCommuniqueBasic.png Emergency Communique
Physician, Federation (both) BrainCircuitryPatternBasic.png Psychological Profiling
Crafty, Costumed (both) PortableShelterBasic.png Portable Shelter
Dress Rehearsal
Simulate potential outcomes utilizing the Holodeck.
Human, Desperate (both) OptronicDataCoreBasic.png Atmospheric Regulator
Communicator, Civilian (both) PalmBeaconBasic.png Monitoring Device
Gathering the Artifacts
Gather and study Xindi war relics.
Diplomacy Cultural Figure, Inspiring (both) KolinahrTextBasic.png Family Relic
Diplomacy Villain, Cultural Figure (both) PropagandaBasic.png Propaganda
Security Hero, Starfleet (both) FirstContactProtocolBasic.png Security Protocols
Speak to witnesses regarding the events on Xindus.
Inspiring, Federation (both) WritingPADDTNGBasic.png Passenger Manifest
Costumed, Crafty (both) CovertContactsBasic.png Cover Identity
Diplomat, Inspiring (both) GeneticModificationBasic.png Biological Samples
Looking Back
Review historical documents about the conflict on Xindus.
Security Civilian, Writer (both) FrankensteinMovieBasic.png Documentary Footage
Federation, Cultural Figure (both) CaseFilesBasic.png Historical Records
Diplomacy Explorer, Costumed (both) PsychologyTextBasic.png Mythological Stories
None of Your Business
Restrict media access to information regarding Xindus.
Command Tactician, Crafty (both) StrategyBriefBasic.png Strategy Brief
Thief, Pilot (both) PathogenResearchBasic.png Scouting Reports
Human, Caregiver (both) CaseFilesBasic.png Preservation Protocols
The Right Tools
Obtain advanced technology for analyzing temporal anomalies.
Resourceful, Human (both) PoetryBasic.png Temporal Mechanics
Science Desperate, Starfleet (both) LaboratorySuppliesBasic.png Laboratory Supplies
Engineering Crafty, Resourceful (both) ToolboxFlipBasic.png Engineering Tools



On the planet of Xindus, resurrected via temporal anomaly, the desperate conflict that eventually led to the planet’s destruction plays out nearly to completion each day… and then resets. [1]


  • Rogue Harry Kim: "Captain, the temporal crisis has brought back the planet Xindus. But it is not the planet on any normal day. No, this version of Xindus is reliving its last brutal day, where the seismic fissures were bombed, ripping Xindus to shreds."
  • Rogue Harry Kim: "Reliving your most destructive mistakes over and over... I've been there mentally and it's hell. But to actually physically replay it over and over, I can't even imagine. And as if that weren't bad enough..."
  • Rogue Harry Kim: "We have Starfleet personnel trapped on the surface, being forced to live out this experience over and over. The Dominion and Hirogen have both taken a strong interest in Xindus' fate, and neither side will back down."
  • Rogue Harry Kim: "The Dominion want Xindus' original fate to remain, where the Hirogen think that the surface of Xindus and the continued existence of the Avians might be more exciting for future hunts. I just want to rescue our personnel, close the loop, and get out of here."


  • War Correspondent Jake Sisko: "Captain, this is Jake Sisko. Captain Archer and I are here on the surface of Xindus. We've been listening to your communications with Mr. Kim and, well, as crazy as it might sound, we think you should leave Xindus and the temporal loop as is."
  • Xindi Prisoner Archer: "Living out this day on repeat is hell, that's for sure. But that's the point. It always resets. Though the world is destroyed at day's end, we're back to square one the next morning. And maybe that's how it should be left, don't you think?"
  • Choice A
    • Captain: "Leaving the loop intact still ensures that Xindus meets its fate by day's end..."
    • Xindi Prisoner Archer: "You're right. I guess the Dominion believe the best outcome still involves the extinction of the Avians, since it means the other Xindi races survive, but I still have a hard time accepting that as the right choice."
  • Choice B
    • Captain: "It is possible to hunt on the surface of Xindus for most of the final day."
    • War Correspondent Jake Sisko: "If the Hirogen are so desperate for a hunt, than I suppose you are right. They would get their wish. But, Captain, I'm down here. I can't see how anyone would put themselves in the middle of this intentionally."
  • Rogue Harry Kim: "Who cares what the Dominion OR the Hirogen want? This whole thing seems crazy... but on the other hand, to decide a planet's fate like that when it has another shot... maybe leaving the loop intact and thus making no decision either way would is our best option."


  • War Correspondent Jake Sisko: "This is Jake Sisko, of Starfleet, sending out a request for aid. Believe it or not, I am on the surface of the planet Xindus. Due to the temporal anomaly..."
  • Rogue Harry Kim: "That's the same distress call he sent out yesterday. And the day before. We really are back at square one, Captain. No point in trying to address anything we spoke about yesterday with him. He won't remember."
  • Rogue Harry Kim: "Is this really okay? I know they all reset at the end of the day, but can you imagine experiencing your own death and the destruction of a planet, over and over?! If you can sleep at night knowing about this, then good for you, but I don't think I can..."
  • Rogue Harry Kim: "I guess if we're to find a ray of hope in all of this, it's that at least there will be no more casualties than there were when this originally happened. Sisko and Archer chose to keep the loop going. I guess that's every man's right."