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Cadet Challenges are a feature in Star Trek Timelines that use Cadets (Common Common and Uncommon UncommonUncommon crew members. Structured similarly to away missions, they offer a chance to earn chronitons and other rewards. [1] Cadet Challenges require Tickets to play.

Also, Captain level 10 is required.

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  • Cadet Challenges are active every day of the week, and the UI lets you check the schedule.
  • Starting one Challenge mission costs one ticket. Every player is given 6 tickets per day, and have to either wait for a new day to receive 6 more, or buy additional tickets for dilithium Dilithium.
  • You can start one Challenge mission every three minutes. The cooldown starts at the beginning of the mission, not the end.
  • Only common Common and uncommon UncommonUncommon crew can participate. In addition, only crew with a certain trait or description can participate (for instance, Starfleet-only).


  • Due to the restrictions to crew, it is possible not to have suitable crew for every trait and skill.
  • Do not take traits for granted. For instance, despite serving on a Starfleet ship, Dr Phlox and Seven of Nine are not Starfleet, and cannot participate in Ex Astris, Scientia.


Episode Schedule

Name Trait Days of the Week Image
Ex Astris, Scientia Starfleet Monday
Ex Astris Scientia.png
The United Federation Alien or part Alien crew members Tuesday The United Federation.jpg
A Certain Formality Female crew Thursday A Certain Formality.png
Adv: A Certain Formality Female crew rare crew Saturday Adv A Certain Formality.png
Adv: United Federation Alien or part Alien rare crew Sunday Adv United Federation.png

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