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An item is an object within the game world of Star Trek: Timelines which allows the player to advance in their gameplay. Items can be viewed in the player's inventory.

They can be sorted as: Equipment, Crew Experience Training, Faction Transmissions, Component, Ship Schematic, and Shuttle Boosts.

Item Rarity

Earl Grey Tea at all rarities - basic, common, uncommon, rare, super rare, and legendary.

Some items can be rarer than others. This can be shown by the number of stars below each item when you view its details in your inventory. Sometimes the icon is wrong, so it's best to open the details screen up and use the text instead.[1]

Not all versions of all items are present in the game at this moment. For instance, there seems to be no basic positronic brain, or no basic, super rare or legendary Vulcan lute.

Drop Chance

Some items are only available once from any particular mission (rare rewards). Others can be earned over and over again by repeating the mission (standard rewards). The drop chance or drop rate of a standard reward is the likelihood that the item the player wants will be earned from the mission.

The drop chance of any given item does not necessarily correlate with the item's rarity.

Using Equipment

An example of equipping items on Commando Crusher - who has just been given an uncommon Backpack. At level 30 she will require a medical Tricorder: the yellow border around it signifies that the item is already in inventory.

In order to improve and advance your character you must equip them with specific items.

Once the item has been equipped it can't be recovered or extracted. Be careful when equipping items on characters you plan to dismiss, as this can waste potentially important equipment or components.

Items make your crewmember better at their tasks.

  • Some items add to the skill value.
  • Some items change the skill proficiency, i.e. the range of random numbers that is added to the skill.
  • Some items add passive bonuses for ship combat.

Some crew can currently equip items that add stats they don't use, such as Gangster Spock's need for The Teachings of Surak Book, which increases Diplomacy and Command. Since Gangster Spock has neither skills, this item's bonuses are completely wasted.

Better items give higher bonuses but are more difficult and more expensive to craft. For instance basic Starfleet Engineering Uniforms grant +2Engineering while their legendary versions grant +100Engineering.

The bonus from items can contribute massively to a character's stats. For instance, Captain Janeway gains a total of +219 +(92–232) Command, +128 +(63–191) Diplomacy and +95 +(23–51) Science by equipping all of her items.

Plus Icons


When an item can be equipped to a crew member who you have, a yellow plus icon will appear in its top right hand corner when you see the item in lists of potential winnings from missions or in Faction Centers.[2] If you click on the item, it will show you which character of yours needs that item.[3]

A green plus icon appears in the top right corner when the component is the final one required to make a buildable item equippable. For example, it would appear on a Uniform Pattern component if you already had all the other components required to build an Engineering Uniform item. Note that if the buildable item has not been unlocked, for example the item can be equipped at level 46 but the crew member is currently level 45, then even though the item may currently be buildable it does not count as equippable yet so the green icon will not appear (the logic here being that you'll want to focus on collecting items that you are able to equip before collecting items that you can't equip).

Building items

As you progress in the game, equipment that you need to advance your characters will not simply drop from a mission, but needs to be created from a series of other items. You can see if you need to build an item by clicking on it in your Crew Management screen - if it needs to be built, it will have a button saying 'build' underneath the large icon of the item. The 'build' button will be yellow if you have all the items, or light blue if you need to collect more. Clicking on the blue 'build' button will give you a popout window showing you the recipe for the item. The recipes are presented in pictorial form, showing you how many of that kind of item you have / how many of that kind of item you need. If you need to obtain an ingredient, it will appear as either a red or an orange 0 / 1 (if you only need 1 of that kind of ingredient to build your desired item). If you click on the item that you need to obtain, you can click on it and either get a list of missions to go to and see if the item will drop, or get a recipe for that item. If the 0 / 1 is red, then you need to still find a component item to build that item. If the 0 / 1 is orange, you can build that item by clicking on it and choosing to build.[4] Building items costs credits.


Items for your crew can also be created by the replicator. You can only use the replicator for free once per day, however, VIP & Starbase users may have more uses daily.