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The Replicator[1] is a feature that allows to craft Components and Equipment for your crew without having to directly obtain them from missions or shuttle runs. Instead, Components, Equipment, and Schematics in a player's inventory are sacrificed as fuel to replicate a more desired item.

This feature is available for all players once a day; however players increase their maximum daily Replicator uses by one at VIP levels 4, 8, 12, and 14, for a maximum of five available daily uses at VIP 14. Players who are part of a fleet may have up to three extra replicator uses depending on the level of the Industrial Replicator in their fleet's Starbase. This makes the maximum number of replicator uses per day eight, for a VIP 14 player in a fleet with a level 3 Industrial Replicator. Replicator uses reset along with the Daily Missions at 0500 UTC.

The Replicator was released[2] in update 1.4.0, on 2016/08/30. In server update 1.9.0 on 2017/04/19, Training Programs were added as a possible fuel source.


An example of using the replicator: 500 basic items and 40 common items have been selected (for a total of 580 fuel points) to replicate a Rare equipment. The progress bar has turned yellow and the percentage is 100%, meaning that the process can be performed.

The Replicator can be found next to the "Build" button. When checking the drop locations of an object, the first link is to the Replicator.

Fuel efficiency

Components, Equipment, Replicator Rations, and Schematics can be used as fuel, and each will provide a certain amount of fuel points depending on its rank and type:

Rarity Fuel Points
Fuel Points
Fuel Points
Replicator Ration
Fuel Points
Fuel Points
Fuel Points
Starbase Component
Basic 1 1 3
Common Common 2 2 6 0.4 0.4 0.2
Uncommon UncommonUncommon 4 5 17 0.6 0.6 0.2
Rare RareRareRare 7 12 40 0.8 0.8
Super Rare Super RareSuper RareSuper RareSuper Rare 20 30 110 1.0 1.0
Legendary LegendaryLegendaryLegendaryLegendaryLegendary 75 260 1.4 1.2
ReplicatorRationBasic.png ReplicatorRationCommon.png ReplicatorRationUncommon.png ReplicatorRationRare.png ReplicatorRationSuperRare.png ReplicatorRationLegendary.png
A Replicator Ration - dedicated Replicator fuel that can be collected in Adv: United Federation missions, as Squadron Ranked Rewards in Events and as Voyages drops.

In general, Equipments are better fuel than Components, but are usually more difficult to obtain and arguably more precious. Schematics are worth small amounts individually, but are often obtained in bulk, potentially making them an excellent fuel source, especially for players who already have fully-levelled ships.

Crafting cost

The cost of an object depends on its rarity and on whether it is a component or an equipment. A player must provide sufficient fuel points (until it reaches 100%) and credits.

The cost does not depend on the nature of the object: replicating a very common drop has the same cost of replicating a very uncommon drop. In keeping with the Trek canon, Gold-Pressed Latinum can't be replicated.

Rarity Cost
Credits Credits
Cost of a Component
(Fuel points)
Cost of an Equipment
(Fuel points)
Basic 1500 10 60
Common Common 3000 25 140
Uncommon UncommonUncommon 9000 70 380
Rare RareRareRare 32000 160 580
Super Rare Super RareSuper RareSuper RareSuper Rare 90000 380 1180
Legendary LegendaryLegendaryLegendaryLegendaryLegendary 250000 NA 3440

You cannot overfuel the Replicator: if you pick 100 Components to fuel the crafting of a Basic Item, the Replicator will only accept 60 and the remaining 40 will be returned to your inventory.

However, you can slightly overfuel it when using more valuable fuel: you can craft one Common Component (25 fuel points) using two Super Rare Components (20 fuel points each), wasting 15 fuel points. In this example it is wiser to use a single Super Rare Component and fill the rest with lower-level items.


Deciding whether it's best to craft a Component or an Equipment depends on the final object.

For example, Legendary Kirk's Communicator ★★★★★ requires:

The cost of replicating the ingredients on their own is 3880 fuel points and 540,000Credits, while directly replicating the final item would cost 3440 fuel points and 250,000Credits. However, if the player can craft Super Rare Kirk's Communicator ★★★★ and the Super Rare First Contact Protocol ★★★★ without replicating them, then they have to replicate only 4 Super Rare Casing ★★★★, for a cost of 1520 fuel and 360,000Credits - less fuel but more credits than crafting Legendary Kirk's Communicator ★★★★★.

When deciding whether to replicate the finished object or its components, the recipe is extremely important. For some items with simple crafting recipes, patterns can be found. Considering for example the crafting of a Legendary Equipment ★★★★★ that uses two of its more common versions to build at each level, let's compare the investment of replicating the equipment versus the investment of replicating its components:

Replicated items Number of Replicator uses Cost (fuel points) Cost (Credits) Days required (VIP 0) Days required (VIP14)
Legendary Equipment ★★★★★ 1 3440 250,000 1 1
Super Rare Equipment ★★★★ 2 2360 205,000 2 1
Rare Equipment ★★★ 4 2320 173,000 4 1
Uncommon Equipment ★★ 8 3040 133,000 8 2
Common Equipment 16 2240 119,000 16 4
Basic Equipment 32 1920 127,000 32 7

The cost (Credits) includes both the cost of replicating and the cost of crafting.

In this example, replicating lower tier items costs less fuel and credits but requires more time: a player could for instance decide that replicating 4 Rare Equipment ★★★ is a good compromise.

Replicating is extremely credit-intensive, especially with higher-quality items. For items with complicated build paths, the most efficient replication options may not be readily apparent: careful players should always do the math and consider all options before committing.