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For the second run of this event, see Right on Q 2

Event Right on Q.png

Following a Borg incursion, Commander Riker sustains a suspicious injury. The Borg and the Augments are suddenly both in pursuit of your ship, as you and Commander Shelby must investigate why. Maintain command and steady your crew through the chaos.


Right on Q was a Skirmish Event beginning 12:00 PM ET (17:00 UTC) Thursday, January 23, 2020 and ending 12:00 PM ET (17:00 UTC) Monday, January 27, 2020. Players can complete groups of Space Battles to receive Victory Points, which unlock Threshold Rewards.

This event offers a Special Pack that has a guaranteed drop of event featured crew if you spend 650 Dilithium on the 10-pack pull.


Featured crew give the largest VP bonuses to skirmish battles.


All characters below give a lesser VP bonus to skirmish battles.


These ships have an additional boost to their Hull

Event Rewards

There are 3 sets of rewards given in the event.

Solo Ranked Rewards

Solo Ranked Rewards
Ranks The Professor Head.png Augment Riker Head.png Florist Q Head.png 10xPremiumTimePortal.png PremiumTimePortal.png Merits.png DynamicOfficerTraining.png AdvancedTacticalTraining.png Dilithium.png
The Professor Augment Riker Florist Q 10x Premium
Time Portal
Time Portal
Merits Dynamic Officer
Advanced Tactical
1 5 4 3 2 5 2500 100 500
2-5 4 4 3 2 2000 100 400
6–15 3 4 3 1 5 1500 50 325
16–25 2 4 3 1 5 1250 25 250
26–50 1 4 3 1 1000 25 225
51–75 1 4 3 1 800 20 200
76–200 1 4 3 7 600 15 175
201–350 1 4 3 7 500 50 150
351–650 1 4 3 5 450 25 125
651–1000 1 4 3 5 400 15 100
1001–1500 1 4 3 3 350 15
1501–2000 4 3 3 300 10
2001–2500 3 3 2 250 10
2501–3000 2 3 2 200 10
3001–5000 1 3 2 150 10
5001–7500 3 1 100 10
7501–10,000 2 1 75 10
10,001–15,000 1 1 75 10
15,001–50,000 1 50 10
50,001–100,000 1 50 7
100,001+ 3
100,001+ 3

Threshold Rewards

Victory Points Reward
10 Victory Points Credits 10,000 Credits
50 Victory Points Commander Riker Head.png Commander Riker
100 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png 6 Dynamic Officer Training
300 Victory Points Spacer.pngPrimeDirective.pngFlipUncommon.png
Uncommon Prime Directive ★★
Common Casino Chip
700 Victory Points Chroniton 25 Chronitons
900 Victory Points Schematics Nova Class.png 50 Nova Class Schematics
1500 Victory Points Commander Riker Head.png Commander Riker
2000 Victory Points Chroniton 50 Chronitons
2800 Victory Points Spacer.pngStarfleetCommandJacket.pngFlipRare.png
Rare Starfleet Command Jacket ★★★
Rare Riker's Lucky Deck ★★★
3800 Victory Points Schematics Nova Class.png 75 Nova Class Schematics
5000 Victory Points SupplyKit.png
1 Supply Kit
50 Chronitons
6500 Victory Points Commander Shelby Head.png Commander Shelby
8250 Victory Points Credits 25,000 Credits
8750 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
9500 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png 8 Dynamic Officer Training
10,500 Victory Points Schematics U.S.S. Reliant.png 75 U.S.S. Reliant Schematics
12,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
13,000 Victory Points Credits 25,000 Credits
14,000 Victory Points Spacer.pngAuthorizationCode.pngFlipCommon.png
Common Authorization Code
Common Security Reports
16,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
17,000 Victory Points Schematics U.S.S. Reliant.png 200 U.S.S. Reliant Schematics
18,000 Victory Points Merit 500 Merits
21,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
23,000 Victory Points Spacer.pngCasinoChip.pngFlipRare.png
Rare Commander Shelby's Poker Chips ★★★
Uncommon Criminal Activity Report ★★
24,000 Victory Points Chroniton 75 Chronitons
27,000 Victory Points Credits 40,000 Credits
30,000 Victory Points DynamicOfficerTraining.png
10 Dynamic Officer Training
75 Chronitons
35,000 Victory Points Commander Shelby Head.png Commander Shelby
40,000 Victory Points Credits 50,000 Credits
55,000 Victory Points 10xStandardTimePortal.png
5 10x Standard Time Portal
75 Chronitons
62,500 Victory Points SupplyKit.png 1 Supply Kit
70,000 Victory Points Credits 100,000 Credits
85,000 Victory Points Spacer.pngStarfleetUniformTNG.pngFlipLegendary.png Legendary Commander Shelby's Uniform ★★★★★
100,000 Victory Points Schematics U.S.S. Reliant.png 325 U.S.S. Reliant Schematics
130,000 Victory Points Commander Shelby Head.png Commander Shelby
150,000 Victory Points Chroniton 200 Chronitons
180,000 Victory Points Merit 1000 Merits
210,000 Victory Points Credits 150,000 Credits
250,000 Victory Points honor 1,500 Honor
300,000 Victory Points Voyage Revival 1 Voyage Revival
350,000 Victory Points 10xPremiumTimePortal.png 1 10x Premium Time Portal

Squadron Rewards

Ranks Credits Credits Replicator Rations (fuel)
1 125,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 10 Legendary
2–3 90,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 7 Legendary
4–5 85,000 ReplicatorRationLegendary.png 5 Legendary
6–15 80,000 ReplicatorRationSuperRare.png 10 Super Rare
16–25 75,000 ReplicatorRationSuperRare.png 6 Super Rare
26–50 70,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 15 Rare
51–75 65,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 10 Rare
76–200 60,000 ReplicatorRationRare.png 7 Rare
201–350 55,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 15 Uncommon
351–650 50,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 10 Uncommon
651–1000 45,000 ReplicatorRationUncommon.png 8 Uncommon
1001–1500 40,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 15 Common
1501–2000 35,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 10 Common
2001–2500 30,000 ReplicatorRationCommon.png 5 Common
2501–3000 25,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 15 Basic
3001–5000 20,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 12 Basic
5001–7500 15,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 10 Basic
7501+ 10,000 ReplicatorRationBasic.png 5 Basic



The Borg, the Augments, and the Q - that is a lot to deal with. Commander Shelby is in need of your assistance. [1]


  • Doctor Beverly Crusher : "Captain, thank you for coming down so quickly. The Borg Sphere detected our presence, and after an exchange of phaser blasts, we had to beam directly to sick bay."
  • Commander Shelby: "My injuries aren't serious, but Commander Riker has not regained consciousness. I'm sorry the mission went sideways, Captain. I was hoping we'd be successful sabotaging that Sphere. Their technology, as you know, is constantly adapting."
  • Doctor Beverly Crusher: "Commander Riker is stabilized, but his readings don't match those of his medical records. It's as though he's been altered somehow. I'll need more targeted scans to understand the full extent of his injuries. Shelby, you should remain for observation."
  • Commander Shelby: "Due respect, Doctor, but I'll report back here after the Captain and I have dealt with this Borg Sphere that's now pursuing us...."


  • Doctor Beverly Crusher: "Captain, Commander Shelby, I'm glad you're back. I'm keeping Commander Riker in stasis. My scans found a strange technological device embedded in his spine! Its placement makes it difficult to remove without paralyzing or killing him. The implant does not appear to be Borg."
  • Choice A
    • Captain: "What else could it be?"
    • Doctor Beverly Crusher: "It tracks with the magnetic signature of an Augment, but Will Riker never registered an Augment with Starfleet, and Augments are only implanted at the receiver's explicit request. If Will was fitted with an Augment without his knowledge or permission, that's troubling, Captain."
  • Choice B
    • Captain: "How do you know it's not Borg?"
    • Commander Shelby: "Borg devices tend to operate on fluctuating frequencies to accommodate the biorhythms of all the different assimilated creatures. If Doctor Crusher thinks this isn't a Borg device, then it's emitting at a steady frequency. That suggests either an Augment, or something else. "
  • Choice C
    • Captain: "How did it get there?"
    • Doctor Beverly Crusher: "I checked Will's medical records with Starfleet and there is no entry suggesting that he knowingly underwent and kind of procedure to receive an implant. That is troubling, Captain. If it's not Borg, then we have different concerns."
  • Civil War Miss Q: "You caught me. I did it. I put it there, that...thing, in Riker's back. That roguish Q is hiding from me again, so I thought if I interfered with his pet humans, he'd present himself. Your technology is so primitive, I thought it was a Borg implant...oops! Now, to wait for Q..."
  • Choice A
    • Captain: "You imperiled the life of my crewmate, just to get Q's attention?"
    • Civil War Miss Q: "Creative, isn't it? I'm sure this will bring him here straightaway. I'll just wait here while you all deal with the Augment ship that's just shown up outside, probably reacting to the distress beacon in Commander Riker's device."
  • Choice B
    • Captain: "I don't believe you."
    • Commander Shelby: "Captain, an Augment ship appearing to starboard! The device must have automatically alerted the Augments when it deactivated, and they think we've harmed it. If she were lying, the Augments would not be here. We'll need to deal with these Augments before we can address Miss Q."
  • Choice C
    • Captain: "This is wrong."
    • Civil War Miss Q: "Oh, right, wrong...it's all so relative, really. So small in the scheme of things. I'm sure your Commander will be fine. I'll wait here for Q while you all go handle the Augment ship that's appeared outside, likely responding to the distress beacon in Riker's device."


  • Civil War Miss Q: "Good job getting rid of that ship! Now where's Q?"
  • Commander Shelby: "Listen. We will not be part of any more games between you and Q. Restore Commander Riker, and leave this ship!"
  • Civil War Miss Q: "Why, Commander Shelby! What a great idea! A game! He'll surely arrive if I create one. How about this: I can save Will Riker, but your ship will face the Borg again. Or, I can send away the Augment ships, but Will Riker might die in surgery. What do you choose, Captain?"
  • Choice A
    • Captain: "Save Commander Riker. We'll just blow up the Borg again."
    • Civil War Miss Q: "Oh, very well." [Snaps fingers.] "The Commander is just fine, there's your Borg sphere, and...no Q? Impossible! Well. You can't say I didn't try. Ta-ta, humans. At least I can go somewhere that smells better."
  • Choice B
    • Captain: "Get rid of the Augments. I trust Doctor Crusher to save Will."
    • Civil War Miss Q: "Fine." [Snaps fingers.] "The Augments will trouble you no more. Doctor Crusher needs to either remove Commander Riker's Augment, or help him live with it. And...Q has not arrived. When I get my hands on that omnipotent pig, I swear. Oh well. Thanks anyway, humans. I'm off!"
  • Choice C
    • Captain: "I'm not going to play your game."
    • Civil War Miss Q: "What a spoil sport you are, Captain. I'll just choose for you." [Snaps fingers.] "You were more concerned about your dear Commander, so he is restored. There's your Borg sphere outside, and...no Q? He will feel my...disappointment...when I find him. Goodbye, humans."