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The Bureaucrat status is generally granted to senior members of well established editing communities. They have all of the permissions of an administrator, plus the ability to promote registered users to the administrator level. Users chosen to be Bureaucrats, have demonstrated over time their knowledge of how wikis work, their sensible and balanced judgment while interacting with members of the community, and their trustworthiness to not abuse their position.

Bureaucrats are expected to be the final mediator in user disputes when administrators are either unable to resolve a situation, or are personally involved in the dispute. Bureaucrats who are inactive for an extended period of time will lose their status.

For this page, Commander, Captain, Admiral, and Bureaucrats are all referred to simply as Bureaucrats.


Administrators (aka Sysops) are trusted members of established wiki communities who have been granted additional permissions. These permissions include the ability to delete and undelete pages and images, rollback rights (undoing edits by a single IP/User with a single click), and the ability to block users.

Administrator's edits should not carry more weight than any other editor's unless it is a correction based on policy, which should be noted in the edit summary. Administrators are expected to be available to the community through email, (the Email this user link from their userpage), and to be helpful to other members of the community while trying to accomplish community set goals on the wiki.

Administrators are expected to act as mediators in cases of user disputes, and are expected to act in a professional manner within the editing community. Administrators are encouraged to read the Administrators Guide.

Rank Hierarchy

Rank Details
Rank Description
Bureaucrats The highest rank on this wiki. This rank can do anything on this wiki. 4
Admiral Admirals can promote/demote all ranks below them, and can promote other users to the rank of Admiral. 1
Captain Captains can promote/demote all ranks below them, and can promote other users to the rank of Captain. 2
Commander Commanders can promote/demote all ranks below them, and can promote other users up to the rank of Commander. 1
Administrator (Admin) This rank is able to do almost anything on the wiki, except for promoting/demoting other users. 17
User All users of the wiki are awarded this rank when registering. 90

Other Permissions
Permission Description Requirement to obtain
Autopatrol This permission is primarily used to combat spam. It marks all edits from a user as patrolled. This permission is earned when your edits are noticed by an admin for their quality and frequency. Rank Requirement: None
Number of edits: 10+
Account age: 7 days+
Autoconfirmed This permission is primarily used to combat spam. Rank Requirement: None
Number of edits: 20
Account age: 7 days
Check user[1] This permission allows a user to view another user's IP address. It is only to be used to combat spam, and in extreme cases report an IP address to a spam blacklist. Rank Requirement: Admin+
Number of edits: N/A
Account age: N/A
Bot This permission is only obtained if an account is used exclusively by an automated program. One such example is Pywikibot. The rank requirements are for the user who is requesting a bot account. Rank Requirement: Admin+
Number of edits: 250+
Account age: 3 months
  1. No user currently holds this permission

Current List of Admins

Current Bureaucrats

Darxide talk  •  contribs
Joker41NAM talk  •  contribs
Koba44 talk  •  contribs
Middlehead talk  •  contribs
Siguard talk  •  contribs
Titan talk  •  contribs

Current Admins

Captain Spirk talk  •  contribs
Dlefebvre1701 talk  •  contribs
Joesage2 talk  •  contribs
Unclebean talk  •  contribs