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Hi, I'm Titan. I am a semi-active contributor to the Star Trek Timelines Wiki and Runescape Wiki.

I help to administrate this wiki. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via my talk page.

My Sandboxes


Main Templates

Template Includes sub-templates? Description
{{EventList}} X mark.svg Eventa table entry
{{EventListHeader}} X mark.svg Header for the events table
{{ShipStatsLastConfirmed}} X mark.svg Tracks when ship stats were last confirmed. This was used when DB was changing stats occasionally.
{{The Gauntlet}} Yes check.svg Tracks The Guantlet skills
{{Crew Page ATS Table}} Yes check.svg Crew Page ATS Table is the Away Team Stats table with support for user/fleet bonuses
{{CrewNav}} Yes check.svg CrewNav is the two the tables at the bottom of every crew page that display all crew present in STT
{{SACharacter}} X mark.svg SACharacter is the character image gallery present on all crew and character pages. Added dynamic generation for single crew members.

User Templates

Personal Templates

Imported Templates

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