Honor Hall

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The Honor Hall is located within the Time Portal and is where the player can spend their earned Honor.

Players can purchase various items here, including Honorable Citations, crew, Training, and Replicator Rations.

The Honor Hall was added with update 2.0.

Honor Hall.png

Purchasable Items

Item Price
Kal'Hyah Worf honor 100,000
Nanoprobe Phlox honor 100,000
Borg Queen Seven honor 100,000
Kahless the Unforgettable honor 100,000
Captain Tribble honor 100,000
Captain Beverly Picard [1] honor 100,000
Emergency Medical Holoprogram Mk. 1 [1] honor 15,000
Stargazer Picard honor 3,500
Legendary Behold honor 45,000
Super Rare Behold honor 16,200
Legendary Honorable Citation honor 50,000
Super Rare Honorable Citation honor 18,000
Rare Honorable Citation honor 4,500
Uncommon Honorable Citation honor 500
Dynamic Officer Training x50 honor 1,500
Dynamic Officer Training x5 honor 150
Advanced Tactical Training x5 honor 35
Dynamic Replicator Ration x5 honor 1,500
Advanced Replicator Ration x5 honor 750
Intermediate Replicator Ration x5 honor 350


  1. 1.0 1.1 Added March 13, 2018