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Starship Battles are a form of mission in Star Trek Timelines. They are combat missions that occur in real-time, unlike Away Missions, and take place between two starships. Starship battles are denoted in the episodes by using an icon of the ship that the player will face. Before each battle, the player assigns crew to each battle station that the ship has. Each member of crew can enhance the ships' ability when placed in a battle station. Earlier on in development, ship battles were more complex (see Starship Combat in Timelines), but as of the game's launch, crew's ship abilities were able to enhance Attack (represented by a phaser beam icon), Accuracy (represented by a target icon) and Evasion (represented by a ship icon).

Each ship has innate abilities as well.


To get one star, you must beat the mission. To get two stars, you must beat the mission in under 35 seconds. To get three stars, you must beat the mission in under 20 seconds.

Player v Environment

In Player v Environment (PVE) combat, before engaging an opponent, players have the opportunity to view some details about the enemy and assign crew to their battle stations.


The Arena is a player vs. player form of starship battles. Major differences between Starship Battles and the Arena include that Arena Tickets are used to enter the Arena, that you can see the player's ship stats, ship abilities and crew equipped to battle stations before choosing to battle them.

Crew Ability Bonus

Putting crew in their battle stations can provide various bonuses [1].

Active Boosts

Boost Value at ± 0 Bias
Rarity Level
Common UncommonUncommon RareRareRare Super RareSuper RareSuper RareSuper Rare LegendaryLegendaryLegendaryLegendaryLegendary
1-Common 2 3 4 5 6
2-Common 4 5 6 7
3-Common 6 7 8
4-Common 8 9
5-Common 10

After an initialization time, a crew member can be activated, increasing the ship's stats for a certain time along with the crew's Bonus Ability. After a cooldown interval, the boost can be activated again.

The boost value in one of the skills Attack, Accuracy, or Evasion is based on the following formula:
Value = Rarity + Fusion level + Bias
Bias = Value - Rarity - Fusion level
Bias = FF Value - 2*Rarity
"Bias" is usually -1, but it may vary depending on the crew member.
e.g. a RareRareRareUnfilledUnfilled crew with a bias of -1 would confer 5 + 3 - 1 = 7

Formula Variables

  • Rarity: (1-5) -- Max number of stars a crewmember can have
  • Fusion Level: (1-5) -- How many stars a crewmember currently has
  • FF Value -- the actual value of this crew if fully fused

Placing a crew member into a ship's battle station slot and activating its boost will add this boost value to the ship's corresponding Attack/Accuracy/Evasion value for the duration of the boost. If several crew members with the same ability are active at the same time, only the one with the highest boost value will be counted towards the total.

Passive Ship Stats

In addition to Active Boosts, a crew member can influence the battle with certain passive abilities, which depend on the character's level and equipment status. However, these stats will only be active if that crew member is assigned to a battle station matching one of his primary skills.
These stats are associated to many items, so a crew's passive ship stats will increase exclusively by equipping specific items to that crew, and not by leveling, fusing, or other means.
There are four possible passive ship stats values a crew can have:

Ship Battle Statuses

Ship Battle statuses are triggered by ship abilities and have various effects. In addition to their base effects they can also trigger crew Bonus Abilities (see this page for a complete list).

  • Cloaking: Cloaking immediately stops any attacks or abilities from your opponent, but also prevents you from using any abilities or actions. Any ability or action you take will decloak your ship.
  • Positioning: Positioning increases your Crit Rating by 1000 for the duration of your positioning, increasing your chance to score critical hits.
  • Bonus boarding.png Boarding: While active, Boarding does 50% of your ship’s normal attack damage to your opponent every second.

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