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The battle station is the name for the starship's character slot in ship missions.

Before a battle, the player assigns between 1 and 5 characters to the ship's battle station(s) (depending on how many battle station slots the ship class offers).
When assigned to a battle station and activated by tapping that station's button (with the character's portrait) during battle, each character can increase the ship's capabilities in one of three ways: Attack Damage Attack, Accuracy Accuracy and Evasion Evasion.

Every ship has a specific skill associated with each of its Battle Station slots, such as Science or Medicine.
A Battle station can accommodate any character and utilize the character's active ship ability (Attack, Accuracy, or Evasion), but if the character that occupies a Battle Station possesses the skill associated with the slot, the character can add their passive equipment bonuses to the ship (such as Accuracy Passive Accuracy Stats, Crit Bonus Passive Crit Bonus Stats, Crit Rating Passive Crit Rating Stats and Evasion Passive Evasion Stats).

Note that Battle Stations are not the same as Battle Actions, which are abilities specific to a ship class and do not require a character to invoke.

The Constellation Class ship that the player begins with has two battle stations: one with the Command skill, and the other with the Diplomacy skill.