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Sergey and Helena Rozhenko Full.png
Affiliation Starfleet
Active 24th Century
Actor Theodore Bikel
Actress Georgia Brown

You may be looking for Alexander Rozhenko, the son of Worf.

Sergey and Helena Rozhenko are foster parents of Worf. Sergey Rozhenko was a Human male who served as a Starfleet Chief Petty Officer and Warp Field Specialist during the 24th century. He was married to Helena Rozhenko, and together they had a son; Nikolai Rozhenko. Sergey Rozhenko was serving aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid, when the ship answered a Klingon distress call, following a Romulan attack on the Khitomer outpost in 2346. In the wreckage of the outpost, Sergey discovered a young Klingon named Worf. Through an act of kindness, Sergey and Helena fostered Worf.


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