Lenara Kahn (Character)

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Lenara Kahn
Lenara Kahn Full.png
Affiliation Trill Science Ministry
Active 24th Century
Actor Susanna Thompson

Lenara Kahn was a female Trill who served as a scientist at the Trill Science Ministry during the late-24th century. She was joined to the Kahn symbiont.

While visiting Deep Space Nine for an experiment, Lenara became acquainted with Jadzia Dax. Their former hosts, Torias Dax and Nilani Kahn, had been married, and they found their past feelings for each other re-emerging. After Lenara was nearly killed on the accident aboard the U.S.S. Defiant, Jadzia voiced her willingness to resume their previous relationship, despite the cost of re-association[1]. However, Lenara was unwilling to accept exile from Trill society, and the two parted company.


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