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See Fleets page for more information about Fleet Management.

Adding Your Fleet

Players are welcome to add a page for their fleet. These pages could include content such as an overview of the group, any requirements, the fleet's history, a memberlist and links to further information. Please make the title of the page the fleet's name (pre-fixed with the word "Fleet "), and remember that since this is a wiki the page may be edited by any member.

Once the page has been created, it should be added to the table below to let players find it more easily. Any fleet added to the below table that doesn't have a fleet page associated with it, will not be displayed on the page.

Any Fleet page that is not edited during the previous 12 months will automatically be removed from the table below. To re-add it, just edit the fleet's fleet page and click here.

List of Fleets

Only fleets that have a fleet page that has been updated within the past 365 days will appear in the following list. A warning will appear 15 days prior to removal.[1]

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Fleet Logo Fleet Info External Fleet Page Language
Wales Forever! We are a well-established, friendly, and stable fleet. Our Starbase is level 134 (Maxed out) and we make earning the daily fleet bonuses a priority.
Cymru am Byth Fleet Page
Fleet = EXODUS =.jpg
We don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did (in the game): you can be eXocellent with us.
Forum Recruiting Thread English
Fleet GERMAN 5618.png
GERMAN 5618 German, English
Fleet Guardians of Tomorrow.png
Guardians of Tomorrow
[GoT] Guardians of Tomorrow, is an established and stable Fleet, 5 years and counting, and distinguishes itself from others with its members sharing a keen willingness to help each other succeed and to foster an atmosphere in which all members, regardless of whether they spend money, can enjoy the game and be successful in their play.
GoT Forum Page English
Fleet Inner Planets Alliance.jpg
Inner Planets Alliance
In Game FLAG [IPA]
( Primary )
Fleet Second Star To The Right.jpg
Second Star To The Right
SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT, otherwise known as SSR is an elite, competitive Timelines fleet. SSR competes regularly in all events, routinely placing squadrons amongst the elite and occasionally placing a member in the #1 solo rankings. SSR takes pride in the tools developed in house, providing the best tools and bots available in all of Star Trek Timelines to the fleet. SSR takes pride in getting you to your elite goals and achievements
Fleet =j= space junkies.jpg
=j= space junkies
the fleet to beat 2020/21/22
English, German
Fleet Sweeping Angels.png
Sweeping Angels
An up-and-coming fleet helping lower-level captains level up!
Sweeping Angels Recruitment Thread - Wicked Realm Games forum English
Fleet The Gluten Empire.jpg
The Gluten Empire
A Different Kind of Fleet for serious and seriously fun players.
Fleet The Liberal Alliance.jpg
The Liberal Alliance
A global fleet with a wide range of player levels. Have a look, if you are an active and committed player!
Recruiting Thread (DB Forum) English
Fleet VIP0.png
A global fleet of F2Pers. Join the VIP 0 Family today!
VIP 0 Recruitment Thread - STT Forum English
  1. This is completely automated by checking last edit times. Simply editing your fleet page will refresh the 12 month timer. For more information, see Template:Fleet_Page and associated code (via editing Template:Fleet_Page)