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For the second run of this event, see Contingency Plan 2

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"Biological weapons created during the Dominion War have been unleashed on the Federation! Find cures and decide who you can trust...."


Contingency Plan was the first Galaxy Event.


Featured crew give the largest bonuses.


All characters below give a bonus.


  • For the first time, there are two phases to this Event! Each Phase is individually timed.
  • Introducing Supply Mission! These Missions task you with building items critical to the Event.
  • Using any version of Worf, McCoy, or Bashir will provide a bonus to Supply Missions.
  • Every Supply Mission you complete earns you Event Victory Points. Collect Event Victory Points to unlock Threshold Rewards and Community Rewards.
  • After the Event ends, look for a special opportunity to choose with crew member will be brought through the Time Portal next!


For each mission, certain special items are required which can be assembled from standard components and equipment. To create the item, a crew member with a certain skill must be assigned. The better the skill, the greater the chances of receiving a Super Rare Combination Vaccine. Bonus crew will greatly improve the odds. For each item creation, as well as for delivering a certain number Combination Vaccines, the player will receive victory points.

List of possible Victory Points rewards for item creation: 75, 165, 350, 1000, 1250, 1550

List of possible Victory Points rewards for vaccine delivery: 650(?), 950(?), 1175 (3), 2250 (5), 3350 (7), ?

Each Supply Mission requires two or three items to complete. Each item is crafted from three or four components and equipment, sometimes requiring more than one of a given material. Crafting the items has the potential to produce a Super Rare Item Name ★★★★ that varies by event. Once the two or three items are complete, the mission is completed, and players receive Victory Points. The quantity received varies by Phase, Faction, and number of previous missions completed. Victory Points are also rewarded for turning in some quantity of the Super Rare Item Name ★★★★ during each Phase. Note that the amount of Super Rares required and the Victory Points awarded depend on the instance of the turn-in.

For more Information see: Galaxy Event

Event Rewards

Voting Results

  • At the end of Phase 2, the community chose McCoy to be added to the game. Drafted McCoy was added to the crew roster on 20-July-2016.