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Augments in Alternate Timeline Section

I moved Augments into the main timeline section. Augments appear 3 times in Star Trek. All in the main timeline. TOS Kahn and the Eugenics Wars DS9 Julian Bashir ENT Soong's Augments and the Augment Klingons.

To my recollection Augments never appear in the Alternate Timeline. If they do it is so minor that you cannot really call them an alternate timeline faction when Kahn and the Eugenics Wars are such a big part of the part of the main timeline. Plus the origin of the augments on ENT spans a 3 episode arc. And the reveal on DS9 that Julian is an Augment and that knowledge almost getting his kicked out of Starfleet.

--South of Sulu (talk) 13:21, 8 January 2017 (CST)