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The Galaxy Map.

There are a wide variety of Locations in Star Trek Timelines.

Galaxy Map

Players can travel using the Galaxy Map, accessed in the bottom right of the screen. Here, an overview of the Galaxy can be seen. It can be navigated by dragging to move and pinching to zoom. Points of interest such as star systems can be tapped on to zoom to them, and planets tapped to travel to them. Tapping the missions icon on the right of the screen will cycle players through their currently in progress missions. Completed missions are also visible in the Galaxy Map, and can be tapped on to replay them. Tapping the System View button in the bottom right of the screen will return the player to their ship.

Systems and Locations

Stellar System Locations Faction Position
Ceti Alpha Asteroid Field
Ceti Alpha VI
Starbase 12
Augments Ceti Alpha map.png
Genesis Genesis Planet
Regula I
Augments Genesis map.png
Bajoran Bajor
Deep Space Nine
Traveling Ship
Bajorans Bajoran map.png
Draylon None Bajorans
Sanelar None Bajorans
Cardassian Cardassia Prime
Cardassia IV
Cardassians Cardassian map.png
Chin'Toka None Cardassians
Klaestron Klaestron I
Klaestron III
Klaestron IV
Cardassians Klaestron map.png
Xindus J'Acov
Dominion Xindus map.png
Alpha Centauri None Federation
Altair None Federation
Andorian None Federation
Argelius None Federation
Azati None Federation
Barradas None Federation
Betazed None Federation
Caldik None Federation
Denobula Triaxa Denobula
Denobula Triaxia A
Federation Denobula Triaxa map.png
Illyrian None Federation
Ka'Tula None Federation
Loque'Eque None Federation
Loracus None Federation
Memory Alpha Memory Alpha Federation Memory Alpha map.png
Norellus None Federation
Psi 5 Aurigae None Federation
Rigel None Federation
Sirius None Federation
Tagra None Federation
Tau Ceti None Federation
Terran Earth
Federation Terran map.png
Tellar None Federation
Triannon None Federation
Vulcan Paan Mokar
Federation Vulcan map.png
Beta Geminorum Pollux IV Hirogens Beta Geminorum map.png
Clarus None Ferengi Alliance
Ferenginar Ferenginar
Ventarus Idrilon I
Ventarus Idrilon III
Ferengi Alliance Ferenginar map.png
Irtok None Ferengi Alliance
Dopterian Dopteria
Dopterian Sun
Ferengi Traditionalists Dopterian map.png
Hupyria Hupyria
Hupyria Sun
Temporal Anomaly
Ferengi Traditionalists Hupyria map.png
Lappa None Ferengi Traditionalists
Lytasia None Ferengi Traditionalists
Prexnak None Ferengi Traditionalists
Archanis None Klingon Empire
Beta Penthe None Klingon Empire
Boreth None Klingon Empire
H'atoria None Klingon Empire
Khitomer None Klingon Empire
Maranga None Klingon Empire
Narendra None Klingon Empire
N'Vak Cold Station 12
Klingon Empire N'Vak map.png
Qo'noS K'thar
K'lai Klinzhai
Klingon Empire Qo'noS map.png
Suliban None Klingon Empire
Tyrus None Klingon Empire
Alpha Onias Alpha Onias I
Alpha Onias II
Alpha Onias III
Klingon-Cardassian Alliance (KCA) Alpha Onias map.png
Arloff Arloff IX
Cryonics Satellite
Klingon-Cardassian Alliance (KCA) Arloff map.png
Kolarin None Klingon-Cardassian Alliance (KCA)
Nimbus None Klingon-Cardassian Alliance (KCA)
Amleth Amleth Prime
Maquis Amleth map.png
Badlands Asteroid
Athos IV
Plasma Storm
Maquis Badlands map.png
Solosos None Maquis
Romulan Remus
Romulan Star Empire Romulan map.png
Yadalla Galorndon Core
Yadalla Prime
Romulan Star Empire Yadalla map.png
Cor Caroli Cor Caroli I
Cor Caroli II
Cor Caroli V
Section 31 Cor Caroli map.png
Orion None Section 31
Sigma Draconis None Section 31
Deneb Deneb II
Deneb IV
Deneb V
Terran Empire Deneb map.png
Mizar None Terran Empire
Nehru None Terran Empire
Trill Gaia Station
Trillius Prime
Terran Empire Trill map.png
Cytherian Cytheria None Cytherian map.png
Gorn None depends on Episode 1 victory choice:
Augments / Klingons
Omicron Theta Marr
Omicron Theta
The Caretaker's Array
None Omicron Theta map.png
Organian Organia
Temporal Anomaly
None Organian map.png
Quirinus Anomaly depends on Episode 7 victory choice:
Romulan Star Empire / Klingon-Cardassian Alliance
Quirinus map.png
Simpson Infinity None Simpson map.png
Terra Nova Algus
Eta Cassiopeiae I
Terra Nova
depends on Episode 5 victory choice:
Section 31 / Terran Empire
Terra Nova map.png
Valo Valo I
Valo II
Valo III
depends on Episode 2 victory choice:
Bajorans / Cardassians / Maquis
Valo map.png
Volchok Volchok III
Volchok Prime
Volchok Sun
depends on Episode 4 victory choice:
Ferengi Alliance / Traditionalists
Volchok map.png


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